A-Street Prints Eclipse
By Brewster Home Fashions

Brewster Home Fashions Eclipse Wallpaper Book Review

Brewster Home Fashions Eclipse Wallpaper Book

The A-Street Prints Eclipse Wallpaper Book

“Eclectic. Modern. Chic. Black and white designs for today’s modern home.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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Like a stunning lunar eclipse in the night sky that yields white, black and numerous shades of gray in between, A Street Prints Eclipse Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings offers a sophisticated black and white collection of wallpapers for your home. Chic designs for today's modern home draw their inspiration from nature, art, and textiles.

Infuse your space with the graceful lines of a honeycomb style geometric pattern with the overlapping hexagons that make Fusion Geometric Wall covering. The elegant style of Titan Wood Wallpaper brings a refined faux wood panel in thin, 2 1/2 inch planks. The hand drawn quality of Limelight City Wallcovering enhances this generic metropolis with brown stones and skyscrapers alike. Mosaic Grid Wallpaper expands the details of a small mosaic into a larger diamond shape grid offering a vertical orientation pleasing to the eye.

Like the bold, broad strokes of an impressionists painting, the radiating forms of Celestial Floral Wall Covering have a modern botanical appeal. Heavenly Damask Wallpaper takes inspiration from the intricate designs found on rugs in the markets of Marrakesh. The lovely Stellar Floral Stripe Wallpaper blends a bit of folk art with a mid-century modern style using a monochromatic palette. Owls and woodpeckers perch on branches of an illustrative forest of hand drawn trees in the enchanting Neptune Forest Wallcovering.

From modern to transitional, these black and white designs are printed on high quality papers in England. Inspired by trends from around the world, A Street Prints Eclipse Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings has an on trend neutral palette in a moderate price range.

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