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Welcome to The Home Decorating Podcast Network

After being involved in the world of social media for many years, Kathy and Gary decided to jump in head first and create the first podcast and media network dedicated to decorating and remodeling.

They started with The Interior Decorate Blog, but quickly moved into the world of podcasting. The first podcast in the decorating genre they produced was The Fixer Upper Podcast.

The Fixer Upper Podcast was about the HGTV show Fixer Upper. This is the TV Show that features Joanna and Chip Gaines. This is a fan based podcast and is not affiliated with HGTV.

Once they moved onto their second podcast about the HGTV Show Home Town it became clear it was time to build the network.

Now Kathy and Gary have added live shows with their Facebook Live events.

They hope you find the Home Decorating Podcast Network to be one of your favorite websites, and that you find their podcasts to be among your favorites too.

Kathy Leland

Kathy Leland

Kathy is the proud founder, owner and operator of Lelands Interiors since 1981. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and a Masters from North Texas State University. Kathy has created a warm, inviting atmosphere for her customers.

Kathy is a licensed interior designer with a great talent for all design aspects in her industry. She has always been a step ahead with user friendly websites and also produces a weekly video on Facebook and YouTube. She always invests 100% for her customer satisfaction.

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Gary Leland

Gary Leland

Today he has over 50 websites. Most of his websites sell a product of some kind or another.

Gary is the past National Director of Social Media for the 3.7 million member strong United States Specialty Sports Association.

He has moved into the world of media with the Fastpitch TV Network. The network consist of video, podcasts, apps, blogs, books, and even a monthly magazine. The Fastpitch TV Network offers more fastpitch softball information than anyone else on the planet.

In 2016 Gary was inducted into the Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame.

In 2017 the Mayor of Arlington, Texas proclaimed March the 1st Gary Leland Day.

You can keep up with Gary at his blog

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