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Joanna Gaines Releases “Magnolia Home Volume 2” Wallpaper Book by York

Joanna Gaines Wallpaper Magnolia Home 2 Book Release
Kathy Leland
Kathy Leland

Hey Fixer Upper friends,

I am thrilled to give you the first glimpse of 9 brand new, hot off the press Joanna Gaines wallpaper patterns. The new book name will be Magnolia Home II by York Wallcoverings, proudly made in the USA.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first book, I could hardly contain my excitement when my rep sent us samples even before the book has been shipped. I was jumping for joy when I opened the FedEx package and couldn’t wait to share it with my husband and design staff at, and now you!

I can’t wait to see if Joanna uses any of these patterns in HGTV’s Fixer Upper 2017 season. Fingers and toes crossed lol! And now for the best part, a preview of each new pattern. This is the absolute first look at the new Magnolia Home Volume 2 Wallpaper Book, exclusively for our Fixer Upper Fans here on the Home Decorating Podcast network.

We anticipate Magnolia Home II Collection is going to be over the top popular, so we are in the works to create a pre-sale special for lovers of Joanna Gaines wallpaper and Magnolia Home.

Keep in mind, there will be multiple colors of each pattern. So, today I am only showing you one color way. But, you can bet your booty each one will come in a color that may be the perfect match for your home decor.

Without further ado, I present you with exquisite wallpapers from the extraordinary talented designer Joanna Gaines. She describes this collection as “An impeccable mix of modern –meets-rural brings this latest collection of updated vintage floral botanical, folk art, wood block, geometric and classic fabric inspiration to life…”

So sit back, relax and be the first to soak up super star, Joanna Gaines’ brand spanking new wallpaper collection. I proudly present the amazing 9 patterns and truly hope you find one to fall in love with!

When these patterns are available for sale, you will be able to buy them on my website at


Flocked Fern Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 1: Forest Fern

Finally a flock paper I could put in my own dining room.

Not too fancy, not too uppity! The sweetest priced flock you’ll ever see! It won’t bust the bank so hold on to your purse strings. Just a good ole botanical fern to tickle my fancy.

It jumps off the page in a layer of fronds. Velvety and soft to the touch just like days gone by. Not the old fashioned flock you would see in a western movie, but a fresh farmhouse appeal.

Not to my surprise, Ms. Joanna has used her signature gray color that honestly can match or coordinate with any color from brick red to sky blue. It’s going to work any where. You decide what room.

This pattern repeats every 20.5 inches. It actually mixes tiny button leaves with a realistic medium fern leaf. You can almost pick them off the page and create the perfect centerpiece for a special gathering of friends and family at your dining room table.

Available For Ordering HERE


Diamond Sketch Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 2: Diamond Sketch

Oh my gosh, string art for your walls! I can picture Joanna sitting down at Magnolia Farm under her big oak tree to sketch this paper.

This diamond in the rough could very well be a fan favorite. It’s cool vibe is far from the typical geometric pattern. I pick up on the edgy detail of a wiggly line versus straight line.

With friends at the kitchen table having those yummy cupcakes, this soft gray diamond adds a calm energy to your decor.

I can see a family portrait happily settled atop this geometric wallcovering. With only a 4 inch pattern, it showcases well.

Geometrics have taken our industry by storm. It is no exception this one will take top marks! Southern charm to the max oh yes.

Available For Ordering HERE


Olive Branch Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 3: Olive Branch

Lively as the family farm, this wallpaper is a farmhouse twist on a Tuscan theme. Let’s get healthy and use our olive oil like mama told us.

These olives are not defined so keeping them in the kitchen would be a shame! The soft detail of the leaves really makes me smile of sweet family outings.

Can’t you just imagine Joanna creatively mixing the colors with water from the pond to make this stunning design? Fresh green, like the ones you put on the kitchen table for dinner.

I got out my ruler to check the size and found the branches are about 6 to 11 inches, making it able to fit into any little nook or cranny.

Available For Ordering HERE


Common Thread Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 4: Common Thread

Let’s get up close and personal. This wall covering reminds me of the vintage loom my grandma used at the beginning of every piece of embroidered art. I could spend hours reminiscing about her favorite buffalo check curtains.

You’re gonna love the tiny thread details that look like cheese cloth. Anyone thinking freshly churned butter and milking cows before school?

Yes, down home goodness for your walls. It’s all American and and a great example of the hardworking people that Gaines’ can relate to.

The 5 by 5 inch squares of black thread come on a comforting bed of ivory. From LA to Waco, this pattern is the perfect invitation for your guest bedroom to have bragging rights.

Available For Ordering HERE


Tea Rose Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 5: Tea Rose

Okay my friend, you are absolutely going to love this pattern. Fresh picked from the Garden. I wonder if it’s a rose you can find at Magnolia Market.

This pattern is sure to put the romance in your decor. Don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings and kid around a bit like Chip and Joanna.

This dreamy traditional rose gets a casual update. It looks like fresh cut roses from the garden arranged as a centerpiece on a matte black cloth.

Perfectly monochromatic, this black, gray and beige rose has a realistic beauty. With solid black on the side, it makes me wonder if this will be a rosy stripe look.

Pretty as a bride on her wedding day. And just like a garden party. Both truly bring friends and family together.

This Joanna Gaines wallpaper design is sure to be a major hit this season.

Available For Ordering HERE


Wood Block Print Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 6: Wood Block Print

Your friends and neighbors are gonna go bonkers over this pattern. I wonder if Chip carved the decorative wood blocks in his own workshop to print this beauty?

Absolutely country chic and farmhouse fresh. This design looks like it was created by stamping wood blocks in a symmetrical pattern. I can kinda see the shape of a lemon or better yet the fancy outfit of the entertaining court jester.

The warm wheat color gives a sunny disposition to any room you can dream up. Vibrant, playful and fun, this pattern has it all: dots, stripes and solids.

This design stands alone as my #1 prediction of a great seller. Mark my word, I won’t be able to keep it on the shelves in my wallpaper store in Arlington, TX.

Available For Ordering HERE


Wildflower Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia HomePattern 7: Wildflower

Texas is famous for its wildflowers, so it’s no wonder Joanna chose to feature one in her new Magnolia Home II Wallpaper Book by York.

Could this possibly be Joanna’s favorite wildflower? What you see is what you get. The flower is identical throughout the design. Wispy and wonderful. Reminding me of the times my daughters brought me a handful of wildflowers.

Organic and fresh from the farm. Magnolia fans will be so excited to use this navy and white pattern. FYI, our industry predicts navy to be one of the hottest colors for years to come, no complaints here.

It’s so down to earth, Joanna just has to use this one on her HGTV hit Fixer Upper. There is a reason she and Chip are Texas Design and Remodeling Pros!

Plan for magical moments in every day life. Maybe give flowers a chance in your decor.

Available For Ordering HERE


Fox and Hare Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia HomePattern 8: Fox and Hare

Oh my strike up a conversation on this one. Imagine the Gaines children telling stories about catching rabbits and seeing foxes. Now Joanna Gaines wallpaper can bring their stories to life.

The deep country blue of this charming pattern is hard to describe or resist. This is a good one to grab a sample and see it up close.

It looks as though no expense was spared to print this one. The ink is raised and you can actually feel the texture with your hand.

Don’t be surprised when the children gather to play a game of “I Spy”. They can find: birds, acorns, berries, foxes, rabbits, trees, irises, oak leaves, tulips and more. Whoa that’s a mouth full!

This is a fascinating pattern of folklore. It’s tradition of old stories belong in your home. Relax by the fire and enjoy the company of those you love.

You can bet your boots this one will be admired by all.

Available For Ordering HERE


Woven Trellis Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 9: Woven Trellis

Massive bold pattern, and over the top handsome! This geometric is an attention getter. Believe me if this shows up on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, it will sell out lighting fast.

Totally the perfect shade of blue. This pattern reminds me of a printed version of a fine weave grasscloth or fabric because I can see the intricate stitches. You won’t believe this pattern is flat unless you touch it.

This fabulous design is sure to be a trend setter. The blue trellises is about one inch thick and over the top gorgeous.

A natural beauty just like Joanna. This is a perfectly tailored trellis to feature in your home. From coast to coast, from mountains to prairies. This pattern can work in most homes across the USA, modern or traditional.

I have to admit folks, this is my absolute favorite! I keep trying to decide which room I am going to put it in. Hmm. Entry? Check. Living room? Check. Bedroom? Check. Too many options, so little time.

Available For Ordering HERE

The success of Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market guarantees these patterns are going to be amazing. They will change your decor for the better, and I am excited to start selling them. Joanna Gaines wallpaper patterns are without a doubt the best selling wall-coverings we have ever had.

Keep in mind, I will be ordering a large amount of paper to stock in my store in Arlington, TX. As the largest wallpaper store in Texas, my design showroom, Leland’s Wallpaper is your go to place for all things wallpaper and design.

We have a HUGE selection! That’s right. Nearly 4,000 square foot showroom stocked full of hundreds of wallpaper patterns that you can leave with every day. Come see me soon and we can talk decorating.

I sincerely hope you enjoy each and every wallpaper pattern Joanna has thoughtfully designed with your home and family in mind.

Thank you and happy decorating!

P.S. Don't leave without checking out our upcoming Fixer Upper Podcast Tour. This unique opportunity will give you a chance to see Waco, Magnolia Market and so much more first hand!

Click the image below to read more and reserve your spot with my husband Gary and I on this special chartered bus tour.

Fixer Upper Podcast Tour 2018 Gary and Kathy Leland

Find Joanna Gaines Wallpaper In My Store Today:

The Fixer Upper Podcast
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Waco, TX

The Fixer Upper Tour


The First Tour of Waco by Kathy and Gary Leland

The Fixer Upper Tour



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Don't miss out on this opportunity.

On March 24th, 2018 Gary and I will lead a tour group to Waco, Texas.

Our goal is to provide a group of Fixer Upper Fans with the best tour of Waco possible, with stops that should delight any fan of the TV show.

The tour will include the following stops:

Visit JDH Iron Designs: Iron Artist Jimmy Don Holmes will meet with us as we visit his gallery.

Visit Anderson Glass: Dustin Anderson will visit with us as we visit his shop where so many of his creations for Fixer Upper are created.

Magnolia Market & Silos Bakery: Take your time at the home base for Joanna & Chip Gaines. Plenty of time to visit, shop and eat lunch from the great food trucks.

Visit Harp Designs: Clint Harp will say hello as we visit his shop and see what he has to offer. Next door to his shop is the home Joanna & Chip rennovated for Cint on season one. We can't go inside but is very cool to see.

On the bus ride to Waco everyone can enjoy Mimosas, Starbucks Coffee and a cupcake from the Silo Bakery as we play Fixer Upper Trivia.

Magnolia House: This is a great chance to see Chip & Joanna's Bed & Breakfast from the sidewalk. This is a photo opportunity only.

The tour will meet at my store in Arlington, Texas which is right in the center of the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex. For anyone flying in for the tour it is just a short 20 minute drive from the DFW Airport.

While this is the first Fixer Upper Podcast Tour I have a feeling it won't be our last.

Fixer Upper Podcast with Gary and Kathy Leland
The Fixer Upper Podcast

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Interviewing Jimmy Don Holmes

Gary and Kathy Leland with Jimmy Don and Lori Holmes

Hey folks, I guess you have figured out by now that Gary and I took another road trip to Waco, Texas.

This time we went to Crawford, Texas to interview Jimmy Don Holmes, and boy oh boy was it a fun relaxing day!

If you are reading this, then the chances are that you know Jimmy Don as the great Metal Artist that creates inspirational metal signs for Joanna Gaines, star of the HGTV Fixer Upper TV show.

You can find his “Magnolia Market” exclusive collection only at Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Market in Waco, Tx. But, did you know Jimmy Don has his own creations at his retail store and website at

Jimmy Don shared with us about his brand new (opened Dec.'16) store and workroom, his craft, his wife, and his country life in this fun interview.

I hope you enjoy watching this episode of The Fixer Upper Podcast as much as I loved interviewing Jimmy Dom.

Thanks to Jimmy Don Holmes, the great Metal Artist, for spending the afternoon with us. Jimmy Don certainly is a good ole' boy, and a pleasure to talk with. He will welcome you too if you pay a visit to JDH Iron Designs at 9685 Lone Star Parkway, in Valle Mills, Texas.

Take a look at my website at

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Lori Holmes Custom Designs

Lori Holmes Designs

Lori Holmes New Line

Lori Homes With A Line Of Her Own

Anyone who has ever watched HGTV's Fixer Upper knows Jimmy Don Holmes is the popular metal sign art designer that makes appearances on the show.

Jimmy Don Holmes is Joanna Gaines' resource for inspirational quotes created in metal. If you have watched an episode or two of Fixer Upper on HGTV you have probably seen his amazing art work on the wall.

My husband, and I recently drove down to Waco, Texas to interview Jimmy Don Holmes for our Fixer Upper Podcast. He is definitely a good ole country guy that is quite welcoming and very easy to chat with.

If you have not listened to the Fixer Upper Podcast, you can find it at

It was really great to meet Jimmy Don, and interview him for the podcast. It was interesting to hear how he has such a passion for his work. He was so fun to chat with. I could of pulled up a rocking chair on his big porch and talked all day.

Life is Better on the Porch
Life is Better on the Porch

During the interview Jimmy Don announced that his wife Lori was coming out with a new line of her own metal art.

It was special that Jimmy Don broke the news about Lori's new designs on our podcast. I liked how proud he was of his wife's very first four signs.

After the interview we got to meet Lori Holmes, and she took the time to proudly show me some of her new designs, and tell me all about them.

She is using Jimmy Don's style, and taking it to the next level in her very own art studio where the magic happens.

Her new line of metal art is called Lori's Designs and it is fantastic. She has added color, dimension, and a new style to an already great collection of metal art.

Lori Holmes In Her Studio
Lori Holmes In Her Studio

You are going to fall in love with her great new collection. Lori showed us the first four pieces of her collection, and they are wonderful, and so creative.

I bet you will see some of Lori's art in a future episode of HGTV Fixer Upper. I will even bet you a dollar Joanna Gaines has already used one of Lori's Designs in an episode that is being filmed for season 5 of the HGTV Fixer Upper. What do you think? My fingers are crossed!

We wish Lori much luck with the new designs. I think they are beautiful and can't wait to see her future designs.

You can view their designs at Wow what a creative couple. I suspect their business will continue to grow.

Thanks to Lori for giving me the inside scoop about the release of her wonderful new collection It is my pleasure to break the news to our Fixer Upper fans, you are going to love it!

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Interview With Dustin Anderson

My husband and I recently drove to Waco, TX to interview Dustin Anderson with Anderson Glass. He is the go to guy for anything glass for Joanna Gaines. If you watch HGTV Fixer Upper, you have seen his creative work on the show. It was certainly a pleasure to meet such a positive young business man.

We met Dustin in his personal office, which was extremely positive and motivating, with a large mural of depicting the greats : Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, some of Dustin’s personal heroes.

My husband, Gary Leland, conducted the 30 minute interview with Dustin Anderson and discovered some behind the scenes details about Joanna Gaines and the Fixer Upper TV Show. Plus, you may be surprised what Dustin said about super star Chip Gaines.

I have included the video interview in this blog post. I hope you find it informative, as well as entertaining. Maybe the next time Dustin appears on HGTV Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, you will recognize him from this interview.

Thanks to Dustin Anderson, the talented glass designer, for spending the afternoon with us. It was truly a pleasure to talk with him.

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Lelands Wallpaper Superstore
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Continue reading

Magnolia Home Wallpaper By Joanna Gaines First Glance

Kathy Leland Previews Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home Wallpaper

The first preview of Magnolia Home Wallpaper Collection anywhere.

I am very excited to bring you 10 brand new, hot off the press wallpapers from Joanna Gaines. My sales representative from York Wallcovering just received ten different rolls of wallpaper Thursday afternoon from the newly anticipated wallpaper book Magnolia Home. Because she knows I have been covering all things Joanna Gaines, and Fixer Upper TV on the blog she quickly came over to my store at first thing Friday morning. She provided me with an opportunity to review the new patterns, and even gave me samples to work with and share with you.

It is Saturday Morning and I just sat down at my computer to write this blog post, because I wanted to be the first person on the internet to show you these ten patterns. Yes, this is a true exclusive in our wallpaper industry.

That's right this is a Kat's Corner Exclusive just for you!!!!

I feel confident the wallpapers from The Magnolia Home collection are going to be very popular. No doubt, they may even be some of the best sellers of the year.

Let me give you a small FYI before we start looking at these new patterns. I am just showing you one color way of each of these wallpapers. Each pattern will probably come in at least four different colors. So, if you like a pattern, but wish it came in a different color, don't worry. I assure you it will come in several other colors, and possibly one you fall head over hills over.

So, drum roll please…….. let's take a look at them, and you can see what you think for yourself. It is very evident super designer Joanna Gaines certainly has brought her signature look in to the ever popular world of wall coverings, please enjoy!

When these patterns are available for sale you will be able to buy them on my website at.

*Update 4/1/2017* – These patterns are all available at

Homestead Wallpaper Gray York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 1: It should not surprise anyone that Joanna has included a farm scene on one of her wallpaper patterns. Especially since her family lives on a farm, and it is such a big part of their family happiness. I can just imagine those four Gaines kids chasing the goats haha!

On this outstanding looking paper you will see a farm, silos, and even a barn. This is the perfect look for anyone that loves the great outdoors and nature. This wallpaper can take you away to a slower serene lifestyle. Maybe even a city slicker or country gal would hang this wallpaper on an accent wall in a guest bath or entry, possibilities are truly endless.

This is not your typical grandmother's country look wallpaper. This is an updated, sophisticated look of a country classic design considered to be a toile style wallpaper which the French created in the 1800's, guess this one is never going out of style!

While this is a darker color of black, white and grey paper, you never know what the other colors will be, or how they will change the look of this great country design. When decorating with this color pattern, you can easily put any color like red as an accent color. The pattern repeats every 24″, the barns are approximately 4″x4″ in size. While I am looking at all the detailed drawings of trees, creeks, bridges, gates, barns, silos, fences, gates, horses, I have come to the conclusion they have left no stone unturned. This wallpaper has it all, wow! We are proud this wallpaper is made in the USA and manufactured by York Wallcovering.


Home Dots-on-Dots Wallpaper Gold York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines MagnoliaPattern 2: This happy little wallpaper pattern is a simple gold dot on a medium white background. The pretty little dots are the size of a penny and have a matte gold coloring which will create a great look in any home. This is a great pattern for a small area or any area that needs to be lightened up a bit. With just a touch of color provided by the small dots.

This paper is so versatile and will literally work in so many places. Anywhere from a child's room, to a bath. It would even be great in a small mud room, or a kitchen. With a paper like this the options are endless.

I can't wait to see the other colors this paper will be available in. I hope this simple sophisticated pattern will encourage you to bring these bright, fun, and exciting wallpapers colors into your decorating project.


Brick and Mortar Wallpaper Light Gray York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 3: I have been a fan of brick wallpaper for years. I guess that is why I built the website over ten years ago.

No doubt this has the signature Fixer Upper look of old, worn brick. This is a fabulous faux brick, with a handsome white rustic brick and grey grout line pattern which really does look like the real thing. The size of the bricks vary but average around 10″x 2.5″ I promise you that if you add this wallpaper to any wall in your home, you friends will think you labored over installing a brick wall. A bit less work and less expense I might add.

As I said, I just love brick wallpaper, and I do love this one too.

The wallpaper pictured is a while brick, but I think it is safe to assume that some of the other colors coming may be a red brick, a brownish brick, and possibly even a few other colors to anticipate. This is another awesome design from Joanna Gaines.


Watercolor Check Wallpaper Pink York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 4: Plaids, plaids, plaids, who doesn't love a traditional print like this one! This is something that never goes out of style, nor will you ever tire of the look. The first sample is so pretty that I can not wait to see what other colors this one will come out in.

This cottage feel is very warm and such an inviting wallpaper. The squares are approximately 2.5″x2.5″ in a white and beige/peachy coloration.I mean this paper would work in so many places, possibly that country kitchen or laundry room? l also think you can live with a simple plaid like this for very long time, truly a timeless pattern.

The color showing here would be just perfect in a little girls room, and if there is a blue plaid available in the Magnolia Home's wallpaper book the pair would be perfect for a Jack and Jill bathroom.

Yes, it is hard to go wrong with a beautiful plaid wallpaper.


Heirloom Rose Wallpaper Gray York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 5: This stunning floral wallpaper has a monochromatic coloration of black, white and grey. The large cabbage roses are about the size of your hand, which make a huge decorating impact.

The intriguing text is lightly written in a pretty cursive style. The words appear to be French but, I am not fluent in that language so am not certain. I wonder what it says? I bet Joanna made sure it was lovely message.

This traditional rose pattern would be gorgeous in a formal dining room or master bath. The use of this pattern would make any family gathering a warm and loving event. I could see a family portrait taken with this wallpaper as a backdrop, totally a memorable site to put in the history books. Just looking at this pattern makes me feel special and relaxed. Any Magnolia home would be honored to display this on their wall.


Shiplap Wallpaper White York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 6: Come on, you knew there had to be a ship lap looking wooden wallpaper in any wallpaper book that had Joanna Gaines name on it. Everyone that has ever watched her HGTV show knows her favorite touch is a wooden wall she calls shiplap, pretty much her signature style.

That is exactly what this portrays, is a wallpaper made after a favorite of Joanna's. I know you have seen her get excited during a remodel when Chip ends up finding some shiplap that they can reuse somewhere else in the house.

What, you don't have any shiplap in your home, but still want the look of shiplap. Well, this paper will save you a good amount of money over having a carpenter come out and install real wood to give that shiplap look.

The wood planks are Joanna's favorite clean color of white with grey wood grain marks and the plank size is about 6″ in height and not sure how wide the planks are?

This will give you the Joanna trademark look of shiplap, and save you a ton of money too. This one is expected to be one of her top sellers. I think it is a great look for any style of home.


Coverlet Floral Wallpaper Black York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 7: Joanna has created a legendary floral wallpaper to meet the most discriminating taste. This pattern is a soft feminine floral with an intricate lacy hour glass stripe. The lovely full bouquets are about 9″x9″ the pattern is a real show stopper. The attractively arranged bunch of flowers are a special gift to spoil any generation of women from our little girls to our grandmothers.

The neutral color of white and grey make it adaptable to an array of decorating styles. Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines has to be proud of this wallpaper bringing back the nostalgic era of days gone by. This well thought out wallpaper is reminiscence of romance and love that we all have a passion for.

From New York City to Waco, Texas home decorators will be in high demand for this ever popular wallpaper design. Don't walk, run to get this one up on your wall and start reaping the benefits of the calming effects of your decorating choice. There is no question this wallpaper has an understated elegance that has a timeless appeal.

Most of us would enjoy seeing this pattern in a dining area, bath, or bedroom and possibly a china cabinet, oh so pretty. Many times a single accent wall behind a bed could have a great decorating impact on the entire room. Sometime a little goes a long way or others may decide to do all 4 walls and even the ceiling, wow! This brand new wallpaper is a classic that will be adored for years rather it is in a simple farm house or a fancy mansion. This amazing creation just makes me feel good.


Noteworthy Wallpaper Black York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia HomePattern 8: This beautiful wallpaper is basically an intriguing text on a taupe/grey background. I find this particular pattern the most interesting. The text is written in a fancy cursive and is less than an inch tall in a paragraph format.

After looking at this paper for quite a while I can say with all certainty the text does not say anything in the English language. It actually looks like a foreign language to me. Someone told me it could possibly be written by monks in an ancient language. Since Joanna and Chip are such strong Christians, that would make sense to me.

The actual letters are raised from the paper which gives it a very high quality look, and the texture really brings a great dimension to this paper. When you run your hand over the wallpaper it has a rough rustic highly textured feel to your touch.

This great pattern would be perfect in a library, study, kitchen desk or kid's study area. It has a wonderful calming effect as I study it.

I kind of wish I knew what it said, but in all reality it may say nothing at all.


The Market Wallpaper Black York Wallcoverings Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home Pattern 9: If you love the look of architectural designs, this is the perfect paper for you. Maybe you have an architect in your home or one who is aspiring for this career path. I really like the very detailed exactness of this print. I could spend hours just staring or studying this amazing original design.

From what I have been told this paper is made from the actual blueprints for the silos at Joanna and Chip's well know Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas.I think this wallpaper could be my very favorite in the whole book! It is so creative and one so many fans can totally relate to.

If you are a true fan of the Fixer Upper empire built by the Gaines, then this is a must have paper. The color overall is a unique blue with white print and renderings. I predict this particular wallpaper from the new wallpaper book Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines will hit #1. I just love this one!

This paper gives you an up close and personal connection to that great success story of the all american hard working Gaines family. This handsome wallpaper would be perfect for anyone's office, bedroom, media room etc. It would not matter if the office was at home, or at work, this would be an outstanding statement to update your wall. I think it would be a real conversation starter. Maybe even put this wallpaper in the background of a book shelf or bulletin board or even do several framed pieces to frame, fantastic decor.

I have seen architectural design wallpaper before, but never of a building or location that I have actually been there and familiar with the structure. It brings back the sweet story I remember when they purchased the silos and had stars in their eyes and a dream in their heart. And boy did they ever build that area in to a fantasy family filled gathering place for all! I would say the silo project by far is their favorite. Again, the Gaines have exceeded my expectations.


Pattern 10: I think this wallpaper from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines is probably the most creative of the 10 we received. It is a beautiful black and white picture frame paneling. I would love to see where the Fixer Upper fans will use this great little wallpaper. Plus I hope Joanna will use this one in one of her TV recordings.

The high quality black ink use in the printing has a smooth lovely sheen similar to a brand new car finish. Then the white rustic framing really has the appearance of real wood.

The wood like framing that forms the very large rectangle picture has a few decorative scrolling on top and bottom. There are 2 sizes of frames approximately 15″x25″ and a smaller about 10″x24″.The unique simple styling is very impressive.

I could easily see this application used in a formal dining room, powder bath, mud room,laundry room to show off family pictures or even small inspirational sayings/quotes. This wallpaper can go formal to casual and fit in to any home or decor style. It also reminds me of a pretty chalkboard appearance that I once saw at my friend's home with cute little family reminders, notes, and lists.

Again Joanna thanks for the awesome design that has so many varied applications. I really really like this one very much!
Kathy Leland Chalkboard Wallpaper by Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home

When these patterns are available for sale you will be able to buy them on my website at.

*Update 4/1/2017* – These patterns are all available at

Like I stated earlier these wallpapers are going to be amazing sellers, and I cannot wait to actually start selling them.

I have been instructed by the manufacturer that I can not take orders yet. Sorry guys I really wish I could take your pre-orders.

I am thrilled to announce I will be ordering a large amount of the wallpaper from the Magnolia Home Collection to stock in my store in Arlington, Texas.

I don't know if I ever told you this or not, but my retail decorating showroom, Leland's Wallpaper is the largest wallpaper store in Texas. Since we are so big, we stock a ton of wallpaper in the store, meaning you can buy and take it home the same day and start your project! When I say big, I really do mean BIG with a huge selection.

I will add most of the wallpaper from the new book to the website for you review.

When these patterns are available for sale you will be able to buy them on my website at

If you would like me to send you an email the day we add them to the website, so you can be among the first to see all of Joanna's new wallpaper patterns, just add yourself to my mailing list HERE

I hope you enjoyed my exclusive preview of the Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines wallpaper book, it's got great design ready to decorate your home.

I hope you enjoyed my exclusive preview of the Magnolia Home Wallcovering Collection.
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Joanna Gaines Wallpaper
Interview With Meg Pitner

Joanna Gaines Wallpaper

Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines

As you may be aware, I own and operate the largest wallpaper store in Texas. I have been fortunate enough to have done so since 1981. I am currently seeing a great revival in the wallpaper industry, it is definitely not your Grandmother's wallpaper. Oh by the way, I am a grandmother hehe!

I have seen all kinds of wallpaper designs come and go in my 30 plus years of being in the wallpaper business, but I have never been as excited about a wallpaper as I am with the new book designed by HGTV’s Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines. Her new book “Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines” is no doubt going to be a real winner.
joanna gaines magnolia shiplap I recently added a page to my website which will feature her entire wallpaper collection. I have already added the famous shiplap wallpaper. You can be one of the first to take an early sneak peek of her ever so famous shiplap wallpaper and soon to have Joanna's newest skinnylap wallpaper at I predict the shiplap could easily be one of the top sellers. Ohh how I love me some shiplap!!

I was so excited about the book that I interviewed Meg Pitner of York Wallcoverings about Joanna’s new wallpaper book and her experience working with Joanna. I decided to take a few minutes to share it with you.

Kathy: How may books will Joanna Gaines design?

Meg: There are 2 books slated for 2017. The first collection will launch in January and the second collection in the fall.

Kathy: What is the name of the first book?

Meg:Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines

Kathy: What is the price point of the book?

Meg: The printed wallpaper designs will retail between $39.99 – $49.99 per single roll.

Kathy: Is there a shiplap paper in the book?

Meg: Yes! We have created 2 ship lap wallpapers for this collection. A 6” design that is reminiscent of the original construction component and a 2” design that Joanna is calling “skinnylap”.

Kathy: Is there a specific theme to the book?

Meg: This collection definitely has Joanna’s signature design and color palette.
Designs include a chalkboard, painted brick, farmhouse toile, newsprint, magnolia florals and a blueprint design of the Magnolia Market silos.
Kathy: How many patterns will there be in the book?

Meg: There are 16 printed designs with multiple colorways and 9 natural wallcoverings including grasscloth.

Kathy: Why did she sign with York Wallcoverings over the other wallpaper companies?

Meg: Joanna’s quote: “I see York as the gold standard of wallcoverings. They truly honor the rich tradition of wallpaper and they were my first choice for this partnership.”

Joanna is also very interested and believes in our Sure Strip product, which is guaranteed easy install and easy removal.

Her quote on Sure Strip: “When I heard that York was developing a new product, Sure Strip™, that is easy to put up and easy to take down, I was really excited. These beautiful coverings are not only stress-free, they are inspired by the past and create the feeling of home.”

Kathy: How has Joanna been to work with?

Meg: Developing the collection with Joanna and her creative team has been amazing! Our VP of Product Development, Gina Shaw states: “Joanna has been creatively inspiring”.

I am so excited that the first book will be released early 2017. I have already made a section for the collection on my wallpaper store website at I promise you that the day the wallpaper is available I will have samples on my website for everyone to see, and order.

I really feel this is going to be one of the best selling wallpapers we have seen in a very long time.

I can’t wait.

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to

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Fairy Gardens At Magnolia Market

Kathy Leland finds Fairy Gardens at Magnolia Market

What are Fairy Gardens you may ask?

As you probably know my husband Gary and I went down to see the fascinating world of Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco, Texas a few weeks ago.

I was casually strolling through the grounds of Magnolia Market and found one of their newest additions, The Seed Store. I accidentally came across my very first Fairy Garden. Oh my, love at first sight! I saw several different Fairy Gardens and they were all soooo totally precious!
Kathy Leland finds Fairy Gardens at Magnolia MarketBasically, Fairy Gardens are miniature living plants put in a small container with dirt and little figurines placed strategically around the garden telling a story or theme. The Fairy Garden may be used in or outside depending upon the weather.

The sky is the limit to create your unique, magically garden. Just like any hobby or project you can literally break the bank if you so desire. You could get crafty and look around the house for free tiny objects that have meaning or possibly make your own tiny treasures.

I actually have no knowledge or experience with them, other than seeing Joanna and her daughters creating a Fairy Garden on one of the Fixer Upper episodes. What a great idea, I think these are going to be the new “it” thing we all want. Thanks Joanna Gaines, for all the sparks of interest you create.

These would be wonderful for teaching a young child to appreciate gardening, but they would also be great for apartment dwellers, or basically anyone that has a limited amount of space, but still wants to be in touch with nature and gardening.
Fairy Gardens at Magnolia Market
I like the way each Fairy Garden is different from the others. This is a true opportunity to let your inner personality show through with your own unique style. From opulent to simple, they are all lovely. But, just make sure you make your little fairy happy. Maybe you could even sprinkle a little fairy dust for good measure…. sigh.

I wish I knew of these special gardens when my two daughters were young. They would have gone bonkers over them for sure! I have always loved flowers and especially growing my own! Nature loving is just good for the soul. Plus, it's just so rewarding to watch the fruits of your labor flourish.

The Fairy Gardens reminded me when my own Mother would put small plants in a glass jar called a terrarium and place maybe a small ceramic frog or other little special trinkets but, no fairies! I do believe dreams come true with or without a little fairy in our life! I have heard it is good luck to even name your fairy. (Reminds me a little of the old pet rock craze??)

According to Wikipedia, A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural….hmmm very interesting. I never get too old to learn new stuff, right?

I would recommend everyone think about starting their own magical Fairy Garden no matter what age you are! We can all use a little bit of fantasy, beauty and or fun in our lives. I am told that fairies make fantastic house guest since they are too little to make a mess or too polite to make a noise haha!! So what are you waiting for? Time to dig in and get those nails dirty. Good luck and happy planting my fellow gardener.

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

Fixer Upper Podcast

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The Fixer Upper Podcast


Fixer Upper Podcast with Gary and Kathy Leland

It Is Time For A Fixer Upper Podcast

As you may know from reading my earlier blog posts, I have become a BIG admirer of The HGTV show Fixer Upper, a devoted or quite possibly an obsessed fan. No worries guys, I am just a friendly 61 year old GiGi ready to talk decorating.

I think the talented Chip and Joanna Gaines do a great job on the charming homes they remodel, and a wonderful job of producing a creative TV Show. Plus, I particularly like the good wholesome, family oriented vibes I get from this inspiring couple. And of course, I love viewing any pretty decorating styles, which Fixer Upper is literally chocked full of creative design ideas. I guess I need to take notes like when I watch Dr. Oz, ugh! As my daughters would say Mom… TMI. (too much information)

You may also know from my earlier blogs, my husband Gary is a super techie guy. I think the term Geek may be more appropriate. Amazingly enough he is the one ready to jump feet first in the “new” Fixer Upper Podcast. I think this sounds like a really fun thing we can do together as a couple! I do think Chip and Joanna would give a thumbs up for this family fun activity. Heck, who wouldn't want to be part of their family with farm animals, chocolate chip cookies, trampolines, gardening and so much more fun kid/adult stuff. This show is about as All-American as baseball and apple pie, oh wait they do that too! Finally, I was so encouraged for some television programming Rated G, refreshing! But, Chip pulling his shirt up doesn't count, LOL!!
podcast repairman, podcast editing service
My husband started podcasting back in 2004, when podcasting was first invented. He was probably one of the first 100 podcasters on the planet. Gary is so much into podcasting that he produces several podcasts under his business company Trust me guys this is about the only repair around our house he does, hehe! Good thing he is fun because my honey do lists is always full. They say patience is a virtue, right? Well I should win the blue ribbon for that.

As we were out for our evening walk with our weenie dog, we were discussing the HGTV Fixer Upper show and he asked me about their podcast. Of course, not being super techie, I told him I had NO idea if there was even a podcast for the TV show. So, low and behold Gary looked around and to our delight there was not one!! Yippee…. I am so delighted he wants to create one to share with our subscribers. So tell your friends to click subscribe now on as we will update you there to begin with.

Well, not to my surprise, that got the hubby going, (sometimes known as my 8 year old). He decided that together we would create a Fixer Upper Fan Podcast. It seems that we will watch every episode together live (Yea, not football) and then immediately after the show is over record a podcast about our thoughts and opinions right in the comfort of our home. You can bet they will differ, even though we have been married 32 years. They say opposites attract, right? Look out folks, sparks could fly!

The Fixer Upper Podcast will be a fan based podcast only and in no way considered the official podcast. The podcast will not be endorsed or associated with HGTV Fixer Upper TV Show, or the Gaines. Unless, I get a call from Chip or Joanna to sign on the dotted line, haha, a girl can dream big right?

This podcast will simply be a fun informative and possibly whimsical podcast for fans of the show to hear our thoughts and share our love for the show. And ohhhh we do love what they do!! Seriously, how in the world do they stay within budget, hmmm could be a good question. I have so many buzzing in my head.

Gary says we will even have a telephone call in line so fans of the show can call in their thoughts or questions about the episode. Oh my, that sounds like it could get very entertaining. I don't have a number for that yet, but it sounds very very cool. Yup, Gary is a cool guy and I am quite the lucky one, awww mush mush! Hopeless romantic here!

Gary has quite a few friends that produce unofficial podcasts for TV shows, and it turns out that the networks have ended up working with many of those podcasters. They see it as a great marketing tool for extra promotions of a TV show. For some, networks have even provided interview opportunities with characters/hosts of the TV shows. More on that later! That would be awesome if we could get Joanna or Chip to make an occasional appearance on our show. My little secret, I do dream of meeting those two cuties in person some day! Don't they seem like they could be everyone's best friend? I wonder how that compelling charisma is achieved? God given, I am guessing. Total rock stars in my book.

Gary has created a website for the show at

He has also create a Facebook page at You need to join the Facebook Groups since that will be the place to get involved and make comments that will appear on the podcast.

If you have an iPhone, or an iPad you can subscribe HERE. For people using Android Phones you can subscribe HERE

We should record our first episode in the next week or so. The first episode will be an introduction type show.

That is really all I know for now but I will definitely update you when we get it all ironed out and close to our first podcast episode of the new 2016 season Fixer Upper. I am so happily anticipating our new adventure I can hardly sleep! Here's hoping the season is just around the corner or I may need some fresh cucumbers for my eyes, yikes!

Wish me luck 🙂

Fixer Upper Podcast

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My First Trip To Magnolia Market
Waco, Texas

Kathy Leland Visits Magnolia Marketplace Waco Texas

My First Trip To Magnolia Market Was A Blast

Okay friends I admit it, I am completely obsessed and starry eyed with designer Joanna Gaines AND the whole concept of the Fixer Upper TV show, and the Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas. We happily decided to duck out of work a little early on a beautiful sunny afternoon and experience this place! Please allow about 2+ hours to do it right. There is so much to see and do. Wow, such a fun, refreshing adventure we had and totally worth the drive.

I was thrilled my husband accompanied me to Waco and visit the “Gaines Compound” better known as Magnolia Market. Seriously folks this is a destination you do NOT want to miss, even if you ever so slightly have an interest in decorating and or shopping. Realistically, what woman (or man) do you know that wouldn't want to partake in an adventure like this?

Along the drive down I-35 I suggested we stop in West, TX and grab a few world famous kolaches. I thought it might work as another little bribe technique I had up my sleeve hehe. Hey foodies, FYI there are approximately 8-10 unique food trucks to grab a bite on the Magnolia grounds and snag a picnic table and possibly make a new friend. I indulged in a fresh crepe that was delish and I think Gary had some sort of gourmet macaroni and cheese dish that he said was to die for!

Tip #1 shop first then you can use your receipt for an extra 10% off Monday-Thursday.

Waco is just 85 miles away from our home in Arlington, Texas. So the trip was just a little over an hour away. Now, I am wondering what took me so darn long to get there? Maybe the rumors of vast crowds on weekends where it takes about 1-2 hours just to enter a retail store, crazy right? WRONG…. this was like the Disney World of fun for me but, a lot cheaper and closer to home.

Gary and Kathy Leland Magnolia Market Trip
I was happy my husband Gary came along for the ride, such a good sport. After all, I did need someone to take photos for me and drive while I was on my smart phone getting all the inside scoop. We wanted to make the most of our afternoon. Yes, I am the planner organizer of the family and I never want to miss a thing and trust me we saw EVERYTHING. We went on a Wednesday afternoon, no crowds and best of all no waiting in lines to enter.

Another useful tip, clean bathrooms outside behind the market have way less lines and yes even that ever so popular, beautiful white subway tile she uses!

Gary has never, ever enjoyed shopping with me because he tells me it takes way too long and I have to touch everything, sad but true, yikes! But, I must say he was very interested in seeing what all the wild hoop-la was about. Plus it was super easy to find, only 2 turns off the interstate. Thank goodness no direction problems, we wouldn't want to get off on the wrong foot!

The first thing I noticed upon arriving was the parking situation. There was a guy charging $10 to park in his lot as we approached the Magnolia Market but we passed him by. Cha-ching $$ we scored a spot behind the building which was probably rare, guess just good timing, so be prepared and good luck.

I had Gary take lots of photos, which I thought I would share some with you in this post. By the way, everyone is snapping pics and taking selfies to post on FB to make their friends envy and there is a sign that actually encourages picture taking. Note to self, great marketing plan you two smart Baylor Bear graduates.

As time goes on, I will write more posts, tips, info, etc about my experiences there. So later I will have a little more inside scoop to share like the hottest selling products, Joanna's favorite jewelry and even that terrific smelling candle she brought to life. I have a method to my madness friends, got to lure you back, right?

I can now say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and all of the staff were more than accommodating. We talked to the precious Baylor student who was the door greeter handing out these big, sturdy canvas shopping bags. She also gave us a wealth of information, even pointing out Joanna's mother who works there. Awww so sweet her Mom was there and indeed it seems to really be a family affair, so refreshing. Actually the service from the entire staff at Magnolia Market was fantastic.

Kathy Leland Inside Magnolia Market
Of course, I had to have one of those wildly popular Magnolia T-shirts, I tired to get the hubby to indulge in a manly #DEMODAY shirt but to no avail, oh well his loss. Boohoo…. I was hoping we could be twinkies. There is no dressing room (prob to speed it up) so I was trying them on over my clothes as a lady was helping and giving her opinion and pointing to an old silver antique mirror that was pretty clouded. I decided on the cutest,softest baseball style shirt that had three quarter length sleeves for about $28, not bad for the quality. They ran just a little large hmmm… maybe I have dropped a few lbs, wishful thinking!

I pulled out the ole trusty charge card and purchased other gift items including one Christmas gift, yes I am THAT person ha. I will detail more in an upcoming blog, ohhhh how I love to shop!

I was a little sad that I did not see Chip or Joanna, but I was told crazy Chip pops in pretty often to crack a joke and keep the staff smiling. I think it is rare to see Joanna because of her rock star status, crowd control would probably be a must. They do have a security guard on duty, which I thought was a little strange, since they do not serve alcohol. But, it truly is a family friendly, feel good kind of place for all to enjoy the good clean living we all dream about.

They have a large green (astro turf) lawn with many fun games such as corn hole, balls, hula hoops etc and these big black and white stripe, comfy bean bag chairs to sit a spell. It had rained the day before so the big swings were roped off due to a little mud but, that did not stop me from posing for a quick pic. I can also see in the near future there will probably be plans for afternoon entertainment on the big, covered wooden stage. Plenty of family fun activities and food for the kids and Dad while Mom shops, flat out genius idea!!

I do believe there is no stopping the train, lots and lots of fresh new plans and ideas coming Magnolia way, thanks to creative Chip and Joanna Gaines!! We are excited to say we will be returning to Waco when the new bakery, seed store and others open soon. We will report back on our opinions/reviews for you, our faithful readers and hopefully subscribers.

Small hometown Waco has other stops in case you have more time than we did. You can drive around and see The Gaines farmhouse from the highway, Magnolia B&B, Harp Designs, Baylor University, Dr. Pepper Museum, Texas Ranger Museum and some gorgeous historic neighborhoods. I do hope some day you will be able to visit and experience first hand this wonder place. Thank you and as always it has been my pleasure to share through my blog.

Fixer Upper Podcast with Gary and Kathy Leland
The Fixer Upper Podcast

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Wallpaper Tips
How To Buy Wallpaper

Lelands Wallpaper and Wallcoverings Arlington Texas

Wallpaper Tips: 5 Great Points on How To Buy Wallpaper

These how to buy wallpaper tips will make your wallpaper buying experience easier.

As you know, I have been in the wallpaper business for way more years than I can remember or admit.

I have helped and assisted many, many customer on selecting wallpaper for their home over the years. I have totally loved “nearly” every minute of this crazy decorating career.

Through my experience of operating, managing and owning a retail wallpaper store I have learned a few basic wallpaper tips that everyone needs to know before the big shopping day. Hopefully these 5 wallpaper tips will make your shopping go tons smoother.

1. Study and actually think about what you would like to accomplish with the new wallpaper in your home. Are you trying to lighten the room, maybe make it look bigger, or give it a possible theme? If you see a magazine picture, internet idea, TV (you can pause it, remember) or Pinterest, or totally any inspiration or vision in that head of yours. Go ahead dream big and bring it with you.

2. Bring a few color samples from your home, a small piece of carpet, tile, granite, pillow or anything that can be used to match the colors of your room, with your new wallpaper. If not, get out the trusty smart phone and shoot as many pictures as your heart desires.
Seriously the more the better, plus you will save lots of time if the store employee is good.

3. Measure the area on your walls that will be covered with wallpaper. This is not the room size, but like I said the areas on the wall you plan to cover. Good ole elementary math still works, Width x Length=Total Sq ft. This information will allow the store to calculate the quantity of single rolls needed to purchase. The store will allow for the pattern match also know as the repeat. Plus don't worry if the paper is pasted or not pasted, I recommend to always add a clear wallpaper adhesive to the back. Google wallpaper hanging for lots of direction.

Wallpaper is priced single and ONLY packaged in a double roll (bolt) everyone seems to get confused with this and honestly I agree but our industry set the standard over a 100 years ago and they are not changing. Most wallpaper has approximately 56 sq ft per double.

4. Make sure and get a sample to take home or check out the wallpaper book (just like the library). Many stores will offer a small free sample or allow you to purchase a bigger sample to take home. Trust me on this one, your lighting will be different than the showroom fluorescent lighting.

Go home and tape the sample to the wall, and live with it a day or two. Make sure you love it! View the taped sample in the morning, afternoon and evening light, as it does change. And do not ask for opinions of your neighbor or mother in law, everyone's tastes vary greatly. The reason there is such a huge selection? Yup, you guessed it “variety is the spice of life”.

5. Make sure you get an extra roll of wallpaper, please!! Especially if you are hanging the wallpaper yourself rather than using a professional hanger. This is a must, in case you mess up or your toddler decides to help you. You never want to have to go buy more after you start the project. If you go back, they may no longer have the same lot/run number you originally purchased, then you can be in a heck of a mess.

It is also great to have an extra roll for unexpected repairs that may happen in the future, like a shower leak or a door knob hole. Most customers do not like to shell out the extra dollars to have a roll sitting in a closet but, you may never ever need it. BUT, if you ever do need it, you will thank me.

I hope these simple little wallpaper tips will help make it a little easier the next time you are in the decorating mood to update the wallpaper in your home. Our national wallpaper industry reported recently the average time to replace wallpaper is every 7 years, got the itch? I hope so and happy wallpaper hunting! As always, have a question, email me and I will do my best to help you, good luck.

Take a look at my website at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

Lelands Wallpaper Superstore
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Ready To Buy Wallpaper That Looks Like Brick?

Gearz Auto Shop Red Brick Wallpaper Room

Brick Wallpaper What A Great Idea.

You may or may not know that my husband (Gary) and I have quite a few websites. I am not sure how many he has built for us, but I feel certain he has at least 20. Hmm…. lucky me he is a closet computer geek!

I thought that I would share one of my websites with everyone in this week's blog post.

Red Brick Wallpaper Room DesignThe website I decided to share with you is

I am sure you can guess what is found at website? Yes, wallpaper that looks like brick.

It is amazing how many satisfied customers have bought realistic looking brick wallpaper from this site. The wallpaper has a nice texture, color and depth to add that perfect style and dimension to an otherwise boring old painted wall.

I recently helped a sweet Mom select a wallpaper to surprise her teenage son with a bedroom accent wall she spray painted graffiti over it. Dang, what a cool Mom! By the way we can always help you calculate quantity of rolls needed but an average small bedroom wall commonly takes approximately 4 single rolls. She just spent slightly over $100. Of course they all vary in price so keep that in mind with your budget.

It has been fun to sell wallpaper to several local theaters that needed to create a brick wall on their stage. Ohhh so pretty! Lights, camera, action, yes I could get used to hanging with those stars!

I have also had a few furniture stores buy the brick wallpaper to use in their showroom displays and front windows. The designers tell me it completes the room setting and helps sell more furniture. Hey, that's a good thing, right?

Gearz Auto Shop Red Brick Wallpaper Room
Gearz Auto Shop used our top selling brick wallpaper.

One time even a movie production company purchased from me. I wondered what movie they were filming, but they would not say! Shhhh…. oh well, it was kind of cool anyway. You can bet I am keeping my eye out for it. has all kinds of wallpaper that looks like brick or stone. It is an awesome look, and really does look authentic. Most of these wallcoverings have a vinyl coating that is washable, durable, and long lasting just not as permanent as a hard brick stone haha!

Another common use of the versatile brick wallpaper has been used time and time again with business trade shows using it as a backdrop to display their products. It is a very sharp smart look that grabs the attention of convention attendees.

While writing this post I am looking at the site, and I am really amazed how many sizes and colors the brick and stone wallpaper come in. Our red brick with grey grout is our “top seller” and one of my favorites, plus a great price point. Such a terrific value to stretch your hard earned decorating dollar.

If you want to update the look of your home without a large bite to your budget, you may want to seriously consider putting up a wallpaper that has that brick faux look.

With the realistic look of these patterns, your friends will think you actually had a brick mason come in your home and install it on a wall without the headache and expense of traditional stone work. If you have a rustic, reclaimed or refurbished space you are decorating, do yourself a favor and check out this site, perfect.

brick wallpaperI have to mention one last use of the brick or stone wallpaper that is genius. Our photographers just rave about using it as a creative backdrop to their photo shoot. They love that it can be rolled up and easily stored when finished.

So, if you are in the market for creating an entirely new stylish look for your home, office or store please visit my website

I promise, you will be impressed with the new beautiful focal point you can create on your wall in your new construction or fixer upper, while keeping the cost quite affordable

Take a look at my website at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

Sports Decorating Online Store
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The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Made My Day

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Logo Cover

Have you ever heard of the The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in the historic town of Williamsburg, Virginia?

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation LogoI have to tell you that I was not familiar with this great non-profit organization until I received a surprise package in the mail a few weeks ago. I have been in business since 1981 and this is the very first time this has happened.

So, not long ago, I created a video review on a wallpaper book by York Wallcoverings called Williamsburg Vol II Trend Meets Tradition. It offers a beautiful fresh take on 18th-century design based on the craftsmanship and creativity of that era of masters. You can see that review HERE.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Special Gift PlatesTo my surprise the staff at the Williamsburg Foundation enjoyed my review so much they found me and sent me a very thoughtful thank you gift. It consisted of a lovely design from their archives called, “Tobacco Leaf” paper plates and napkins from their gift store. I am definitely saving them for a special occasion.

Even though it was not necessary to send me anything, I was pleasantly surprised by their sweet note and act of kindness! Wow, they certainly make this world of ours a better place and yours truly smile!

After receiving the package, I was curious and decided to look them up to find more about them. The acclaimed Williamsburg “brand” from York Wallcoverings has partnered with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation staff to inspire, consult, and advise on these 18th century designs that eventually became wallpaper for home decor. I found their website at

I was so impressed with them I decided to follow them on Facebook, which was very interesting I might add. Williamsburg products supports the preservation and education programs of the non-profit Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which runs a living history museum that brings to life the ending ideals of the American Revolution.

Williamsburg Wallpaper Book CoverI have now reviewed another Williamsburg wallpaper book, the title of the book is Williamsburg by York. It was their first release.

Take a look at the review of Williamsburg HERE.

I think you will agree that both of these wallpaper books are a beautiful collection of historic wallcoverings with the best American craftsmanship and style. The wall coverings are proudly manufactured right here in the good old USA.

I am certain you will also agree that the Williamsburg Foundation is doing a fantastic job of preserving the history of our great country since the Revolutionary War.

Let me take advantage of this opportunity to say thanks to everyone at the Wiliamsburg Foundation for what you are doing for our wallpaper industry and our country. I am hopeful to travel soon to your great city for a vacation.

You made my day 🙂

Take a look at my website at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

Lelands Wallpaper Superstore

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Joanna Gaines Loves Wallpaper
The Fixer Upper TV Show

Fixer Upper Chicken House Wallpaper

Fixer Upper Chicken House Wallpaper

“Chicken House” On Fixer Upper Loves Wallpaper, Starring Chip And Joanna Gaines

Have you heard of the HGTV Fixer Upper decorating show that stars Chip and Joanna Gaines? I have to admit, I am hooked after watching a few shows. Of course I enjoy any shows that feature decorating since I am in that business but I particularly enjoy the sweet wholesome family life of the hosts, Chip and Joanna, combined with refurbishing old homes in Waco, Texas.

I was pleasantly surprised while watching last night's episode “Chicken House” when Joanna recommended to the new homeowner to use wallpaper. While in her Magnolia office making plans for the home Joanna said, “In the living area the thing I am most excited about is the accent wall. I would love to do some wallpaper there.” Joanna Gaines Loves Wallpaper on Fixer Upper

I jumped for joy with the recommendation of using wallpaper!! I have watched several episodes of Fixer Upper and this is the first time I heard wallpaper mentioned, much less actually recommended. I have been telling everyone wallcoverings are back and I guess Joanna knows it too. Yea, so excited, wallpaper will make such a great stylish impact on the decor of her homes.

I watched Chip install the wallpaper and thought he did a really great job. Chip seems to make any job look fun and easy with a bigger than life personality! The wallpaper they chose was a beautiful modern black and white tulip design with great style.

Simple Space 2 Wallpaper Book CoverWhen I arrived at the office this morning I was determined to find the actual wallpaper installed. I searched through our library of wallpaper books and finally found it! I was actually giddy with excitement. The wallpaper pattern is called the Block Print Tulip, in black and white, and it is from the Simple Space 2 wallpaper book by Brewster Wallcoverings. You can find a review I gave on this book HERE, and even purchase the wallpaper from my site if you would like to.

The most exciting part was when the new homeowner walked in to her new fixer upper home for the first time and the first thing out of her mouth was,” I love the wallpaper!” I am not sure if she said it twice or three times how much she loved the wallpaper! But, it was music to my ears! As the owner of Lelands Wallpaper which is about an hour down the highway from where the show is filmed, I love it anytime wallpaper gets exposure on TV.

As I said earlier I have enjoyed watching episodes of Fixer Upper, if you are not watching you might want to tune in on HGTV or set that DVR so not to miss a thing. I think you will be pleasantly entertained and pick up a bunch of decorating tips. I hope this will inspire you to begin fixing up your home, and maybe even find a wallpaper to help transform a wall or two in your home.

UPDATE 10/9/16

I recently interviewed Meg Pitner from York Wallcoverings about the soon to be released Wallpaper Book from Joanna Gaines.

You can find the interview on my blog HERE.

In this interview Meg answers my questions about the Joannas NEW Magnolia Home wallpaper book, what it was like to work with Joanna Gaines, and more.

Yes, there is a shiplap wallpaper, and even the new skinnylap too!

You can see the samples from Joannas New w allpaper book as I get them at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

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