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Kathy and Gary Leland Decorating Podcasts Photo Albums

Kathy & Gary Leland’s Photo Albums

Gary and Kathy are known for taking road trips. If they are interviewing someone associated with HGTV’s Fixer Upper TV Show you will find them in Waco, Texas. You may find them traveling to Laurel, Mississippi for HGTV’s Home Town TV Show.

One thing that is certain is Gary will take a lot of photos wherever they go.

Kathy and Gary share the photos from their adventures in the world of decorating on this page.

We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we did taking them.

Trip to Laurel for Home Town Season 1 Finale

Kathy and Gary Leland went to Laurel, Mississippi for the last episode of season one for the HGTV Show Home Town.

Trip To See Jimmy Don Holmes In Crawford Texas

Gary and Kathy Leland visit and interview Jimmy Don and Lori Holmes. Then they visit Waco. Listen to the Fixer Upper Podcast at Trip To Waco Texas For Interview With Jimmy Don holmes From Fixer Upper photos by

Kathy and Gary Leland went to Crawford, Texas for an interview With Jimmy Don Holmes of Fixer Upper TV.

Jimmy Don Holmes runs and operates JDH Iron Designs.

Kathy and Gary also went to Magnolia Market, and visited the Magnolia House while in Waco.

Trip To Waco To Interview Dustin Anderson

Kathy and Gary Leland went to Waco, Texas in March of 2017 to interview Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass.

Dustin Anderson is a regular on the HGTV Show Fixer Upper.

Kathy and Gary also stopped by Harp Designs, JDH Designs, and Magnolia Market while they were in Waco.