The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Made My Day

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Logo Cover

Have you ever heard of the The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in the historic town of Williamsburg, Virginia?

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation LogoI have to tell you that I was not familiar with this great non-profit organization until I received a surprise package in the mail a few weeks ago. I have been in business since 1981 and this is the very first time this has happened.

So, not long ago, I created a video review on a wallpaper book by York Wallcoverings called Williamsburg Vol II Trend Meets Tradition. It offers a beautiful fresh take on 18th-century design based on the craftsmanship and creativity of that era of masters. You can see that review HERE.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Special Gift PlatesTo my surprise the staff at the Williamsburg Foundation enjoyed my review so much they found me and sent me a very thoughtful thank you gift. It consisted of a lovely design from their archives called, “Tobacco Leaf” paper plates and napkins from their gift store. I am definitely saving them for a special occasion.

Even though it was not necessary to send me anything, I was pleasantly surprised by their sweet note and act of kindness! Wow, they certainly make this world of ours a better place and yours truly smile!

After receiving the package, I was curious and decided to look them up to find more about them. The acclaimed Williamsburg “brand” from York Wallcoverings has partnered with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation staff to inspire, consult, and advise on these 18th century designs that eventually became wallpaper for home decor. I found their website at

I was so impressed with them I decided to follow them on Facebook, which was very interesting I might add. Williamsburg products supports the preservation and education programs of the non-profit Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which runs a living history museum that brings to life the ending ideals of the American Revolution.

Williamsburg Wallpaper Book CoverI have now reviewed another Williamsburg wallpaper book, the title of the book is Williamsburg by York. It was their first release.

Take a look at the review of Williamsburg HERE.

I think you will agree that both of these wallpaper books are a beautiful collection of historic wallcoverings with the best American craftsmanship and style. The wall coverings are proudly manufactured right here in the good old USA.

I am certain you will also agree that the Williamsburg Foundation is doing a fantastic job of preserving the history of our great country since the Revolutionary War.

Let me take advantage of this opportunity to say thanks to everyone at the Wiliamsburg Foundation for what you are doing for our wallpaper industry and our country. I am hopeful to travel soon to your great city for a vacation.

You made my day 🙂

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