The Color Library 2
By York Wallcoverings

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Color Library II Wallpaper Book Review

The Color Library 2 Wallpaper Book by York

“An excellent resource for basic, non-woven textures in 12 coordinating palettes.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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Color Library 2 Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings has 6 basic coordinating textures in about 12 color palettes. Raised inks offer light, dimensional texture, while metallic inks highlight specific portions of the patterns. From menswear inspired fabric looks to fibrous rice paper texture, from a faux raw silk to a faux bark texture, and basket weaves to mini trellis patterns, this collection has something for every room of your home.

Create chic, designer spaces with a fashion forward wall covering. Like man's casual summer jacket, Loose Tweed brings a subtle menswear pattern to your walls. Tonal Stripe is a consistent, almost 2 inch, stripe in contrasting inks with a texture similar to raw silk giving walls a refined texture. Similar to hand crafted stationary and panels in shoji screens, Tossed Fibers is a wall covering with an overall fibrous appeal.

Create stylish backdrops for your decor using textured wall coverings. Tossed Leaves lends an earthy, fossil like texture to walls with contrasting inks highlighting the smaller leaf details. The miniature scale of Frame Geometric celebrates the architecturally inspired arabesque as a modern geometric. Mutli-Tone Stria applies several tones of color to a monochromatic stripe with a satin finish.

Decorate your walls and ceilings with organic based designs, bringing contemporary textures to your home decor. Insert them into picture frame panels or ceilings, set them below chair rails or at the back of built-in book shelves and cabinets. The 750 Home Division brings Color Library 2 Wallpaper Book by York Wallcoverings to the fore front of home decor with a wonderfully reasonable price point.

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