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Essence Wallpaper Book Review

The Essence Wallpaper Book by Brewster Home Fashions

“Takes wallpaper up a notch for today’s adventurous and forward thinking consumer.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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The Decorline Essence Wallpaper Book by Brewster Home Fashions is a fundamental collection of wall coverings that uses modern printing techniques to render high quality faux textures for today's modern home. Metallic inks offer shimmer in the home's changing light. Suede inks lend the lightest of textures to the touch of hand. Sculpted inks give the illusion of embossed textures. And a dusting ever so softly catches the momentary ray of light.

Make a personal statement in your home's decor with wallpaper. Wheaton Leaf Wave is a moving stripe of leaves in layered inks to bring a subtle vertical element into play. Palatine Leaves weaves an organic web of leaves with shadowy elegance. Dandi Floral brings the ethereal wild flower to walls in a lovely layer of raised inks for an overall texture.

Create a subtle backdrop for the substantial home elements like furniture and lighting. Gleam Linear Ogee's linear elements undulate in a contemporary ogee design of metallic inks. Peoria Diamond Weave layers tiny dots of raised ink in a monochromatic design of subtle harlequin shape that loosely resembles an upholstered wall. Andie Swirl takes the strong strokes of an impressionist painting into a curious, almost animal print for your walls.

From England's designer line of Fine Decor, these high quality wall coverings are offered in five or six versatile color palettes that imbue the on trend aspect of mixed metals. Sophisticated textures yield beautiful designs in gender neutral patterns for ease decorating. Modern. Organic. Savvy. Chic. Essence is the core element for your home's decor.

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