Fairy Gardens At Magnolia Market

Kathy Leland finds Fairy Gardens at Magnolia Market

What are Fairy Gardens you may ask?

As you probably know my husband Gary and I went down to see the fascinating world of Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco, Texas a few weeks ago.

I was casually strolling through the grounds of Magnolia Market and found one of their newest additions, The Seed Store. I accidentally came across my very first Fairy Garden. Oh my, love at first sight! I saw several different Fairy Gardens and they were all soooo totally precious!
Kathy Leland finds Fairy Gardens at Magnolia MarketBasically, Fairy Gardens are miniature living plants put in a small container with dirt and little figurines placed strategically around the garden telling a story or theme. The Fairy Garden may be used in or outside depending upon the weather.

The sky is the limit to create your unique, magically garden. Just like any hobby or project you can literally break the bank if you so desire. You could get crafty and look around the house for free tiny objects that have meaning or possibly make your own tiny treasures.

I actually have no knowledge or experience with them, other than seeing Joanna and her daughters creating a Fairy Garden on one of the Fixer Upper episodes. What a great idea, I think these are going to be the new “it” thing we all want. Thanks Joanna Gaines, for all the sparks of interest you create.

These would be wonderful for teaching a young child to appreciate gardening, but they would also be great for apartment dwellers, or basically anyone that has a limited amount of space, but still wants to be in touch with nature and gardening.
Fairy Gardens at Magnolia Market
I like the way each Fairy Garden is different from the others. This is a true opportunity to let your inner personality show through with your own unique style. From opulent to simple, they are all lovely. But, just make sure you make your little fairy happy. Maybe you could even sprinkle a little fairy dust for good measure…. sigh.

I wish I knew of these special gardens when my two daughters were young. They would have gone bonkers over them for sure! I have always loved flowers and especially growing my own! Nature loving is just good for the soul. Plus, it's just so rewarding to watch the fruits of your labor flourish.

The Fairy Gardens reminded me when my own Mother would put small plants in a glass jar called a terrarium and place maybe a small ceramic frog or other little special trinkets but, no fairies! I do believe dreams come true with or without a little fairy in our life! I have heard it is good luck to even name your fairy. (Reminds me a little of the old pet rock craze??)

According to Wikipedia, A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural….hmmm very interesting. I never get too old to learn new stuff, right?

I would recommend everyone think about starting their own magical Fairy Garden no matter what age you are! We can all use a little bit of fantasy, beauty and or fun in our lives. I am told that fairies make fantastic house guest since they are too little to make a mess or too polite to make a noise haha!! So what are you waiting for? Time to dig in and get those nails dirty. Good luck and happy planting my fellow gardener.

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