Interview With Dustin Anderson

My husband and I recently drove to Waco, TX to interview Dustin Anderson with Anderson Glass. He is the go to guy for anything glass for Joanna Gaines. If you watch HGTV Fixer Upper, you have seen his creative work on the show. It was certainly a pleasure to meet such a positive young business man.

We met Dustin in his personal office, which was extremely positive and motivating, with a large mural of depicting the greats : Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, some of Dustin’s personal heroes.

My husband, Gary Leland, conducted the 30 minute interview with Dustin Anderson and discovered some behind the scenes details about Joanna Gaines and the Fixer Upper TV Show. Plus, you may be surprised what Dustin said about super star Chip Gaines.

I have included the video interview in this blog post. I hope you find it informative, as well as entertaining. Maybe the next time Dustin appears on HGTV Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, you will recognize him from this interview.

Thanks to Dustin Anderson, the talented glass designer, for spending the afternoon with us. It was truly a pleasure to talk with him.

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