For Your Bath 3
By Brewster Wallcoverigns

Review Of The For Your Bath 3 Wallpaper Book

For Your Bath 3 Wallpaper Book Review

The For Your Bath 3 Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings

“A compilation of their most popular and best selling patterns for bathrooms.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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With For Your Bath 3 Wallpaper Book, Brewster Wallcoverings complies their most popular wall covering patterns to help you design your dream bath. Expanded vinyls and raised inks give unique depth to some patterns. Pearlescent inks offer both highlights and shadows, and metallic and gel or glitter inks bring attention to detail. Jack and Jill baths. Powder and pool house baths. Guest and master baths.

Powder, pooh and guest baths are great spaces to be a little adventurous with your wallpaper selections. You might try Clip Newspaper Print that looks like shredded newsprint randomly put back together for a stylish and contemporary texture. Take a geometric pattern to new heights with the expanded vinyl link and mid-century modern palette on Twisted Geometric. Chirp Birds and Trees is a delightful and lighthearted design that adds a touch of whimsy to a guest bathroom.

Use an organic influence in the master bathroom to create a spa like design. If you travel a great deal, you get used to hotel chic, so why not bring that into your master bath with a serene silhouette in Paix Tree Wallcovering. Continuing natural inspiration is Niabi Leaves, a layered fossil like leaf that give an overall texture with a touch of light in pearlescent inks. Soften the hard lines of tile or an angled ceiling under the stairs with a cheerful medallion and scroll design.

This collection of coordinating wall coverings makes it easy to design your dream bathroom. Whether you seek elegant or rustic, formal or casual, modern or traditional, For Your Bath 3 Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings has something for you.

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