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Geonature Wallpaper Book Review

The Geonature Wallpaper Book by Brewster Home Fashions

“A metamorphosis for your home’s decor.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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As your taste in furniture and decor evolves, so does the wall covering industry. Eijffinger Geonature Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings transforms your spaces with stylized motifs and Art Deco inspired graphics along side artistic botanical designs. Let your inner desires metamorphose onto walls like an artist brings life to a canvas.

With the irregular quality of hand drawn lines and metallic inks, you will enjoy the illustrational quality of geometric design. Halcyon, Mont and Aries Geometric wall coverings offer spacial conceptions from science and nature in linear formats with a touch of metallic ink to highlight their dimensions. Zig Geometric wallpaper enhances the geometric form with a solid 1 inch angle, stacked to form Art Deco style arrows on a diagonal grid.

Take the symbiotic nature of symmetry with living, organic textures, and will find a delightful set of patterns with movement for your walls. Palila Cloud wallpaper brings to life an ever changing sky using lines to delineate the clouds and movement of wind with small birds in flight. Zorah Botanical's nod to the Art Deco fan reconstructs a simple floral into a complex splay of linear elements. Balth Botanical entrusts the lacy edges of leaves and flowers to the solid ground for a dramatic presence.

Deeply saturated hues and muted tones blend perfectly in this modern collection of geometric and botanical designs for today's modern home. Permeated with natural beauty, every page has a set of coordinates that allow for en suite and multi room designs on a designer quality paper with a moderate price range from Eijffinger Geonature Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings.

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