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The Fixer Upper TV Show

Fixer Upper Chicken House Wallpaper

Fixer Upper Chicken House Wallpaper

“Chicken House” On Fixer Upper Loves Wallpaper, Starring Chip And Joanna Gaines

Have you heard of the HGTV Fixer Upper decorating show that stars Chip and Joanna Gaines? I have to admit, I am hooked after watching a few shows. Of course I enjoy any shows that feature decorating since I am in that business but I particularly enjoy the sweet wholesome family life of the hosts, Chip and Joanna, combined with refurbishing old homes in Waco, Texas.

I was pleasantly surprised while watching last night's episode “Chicken House” when Joanna recommended to the new homeowner to use wallpaper. While in her Magnolia office making plans for the home Joanna said, “In the living area the thing I am most excited about is the accent wall. I would love to do some wallpaper there.” Joanna Gaines Loves Wallpaper on Fixer Upper

I jumped for joy with the recommendation of using wallpaper!! I have watched several episodes of Fixer Upper and this is the first time I heard wallpaper mentioned, much less actually recommended. I have been telling everyone wallcoverings are back and I guess Joanna knows it too. Yea, so excited, wallpaper will make such a great stylish impact on the decor of her homes.

I watched Chip install the wallpaper and thought he did a really great job. Chip seems to make any job look fun and easy with a bigger than life personality! The wallpaper they chose was a beautiful modern black and white tulip design with great style.

Simple Space 2 Wallpaper Book CoverWhen I arrived at the office this morning I was determined to find the actual wallpaper installed. I searched through our library of wallpaper books and finally found it! I was actually giddy with excitement. The wallpaper pattern is called the Block Print Tulip, in black and white, and it is from the Simple Space 2 wallpaper book by Brewster Wallcoverings. You can find a review I gave on this book HERE, and even purchase the wallpaper from my site if you would like to.

The most exciting part was when the new homeowner walked in to her new fixer upper home for the first time and the first thing out of her mouth was,” I love the wallpaper!” I am not sure if she said it twice or three times how much she loved the wallpaper! But, it was music to my ears! As the owner of Lelands Wallpaper which is about an hour down the highway from where the show is filmed, I love it anytime wallpaper gets exposure on TV.

As I said earlier I have enjoyed watching episodes of Fixer Upper, if you are not watching you might want to tune in on HGTV or set that DVR so not to miss a thing. I think you will be pleasantly entertained and pick up a bunch of decorating tips. I hope this will inspire you to begin fixing up your home, and maybe even find a wallpaper to help transform a wall or two in your home.

UPDATE 10/9/16

I recently interviewed Meg Pitner from York Wallcoverings about the soon to be released Wallpaper Book from Joanna Gaines.

You can find the interview on my blog HERE.

In this interview Meg answers my questions about the Joannas NEW Magnolia Home wallpaper book, what it was like to work with Joanna Gaines, and more.

Yes, there is a shiplap wallpaper, and even the new skinnylap too!

You can see the samples from Joannas New w allpaper book as I get them at

Need help finding that perfect wallpaper? Let my research department make it easy for you. Just call us at 817-226-7890 and let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help.

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