Joanna Gaines Releases “Magnolia Home Volume 2” Wallpaper Book by York

Joanna Gaines Wallpaper Magnolia Home 2 Book Release
Kathy Leland
Kathy Leland

Hey Fixer Upper friends,

I am thrilled to give you the first glimpse of 9 brand new, hot off the press Joanna Gaines wallpaper patterns. The new book name will be Magnolia Home II by York Wallcoverings, proudly made in the USA.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first book, I could hardly contain my excitement when my rep sent us samples even before the book has been shipped. I was jumping for joy when I opened the FedEx package and couldn’t wait to share it with my husband and design staff at, and now you!

I can’t wait to see if Joanna uses any of these patterns in HGTV’s Fixer Upper 2017 season. Fingers and toes crossed lol! And now for the best part, a preview of each new pattern. This is the absolute first look at the new Magnolia Home Volume 2 Wallpaper Book, exclusively for our Fixer Upper Fans here on the Home Decorating Podcast network.

We anticipate Magnolia Home II Collection is going to be over the top popular, so we are in the works to create a pre-sale special for lovers of Joanna Gaines wallpaper and Magnolia Home.

Keep in mind, there will be multiple colors of each pattern. So, today I am only showing you one color way. But, you can bet your booty each one will come in a color that may be the perfect match for your home decor.

Without further ado, I present you with exquisite wallpapers from the extraordinary talented designer Joanna Gaines. She describes this collection as “An impeccable mix of modern –meets-rural brings this latest collection of updated vintage floral botanical, folk art, wood block, geometric and classic fabric inspiration to life…”

So sit back, relax and be the first to soak up super star, Joanna Gaines’ brand spanking new wallpaper collection. I proudly present the amazing 9 patterns and truly hope you find one to fall in love with!

When these patterns are available for sale, you will be able to buy them on my website at


Flocked Fern Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 1: Forest Fern

Finally a flock paper I could put in my own dining room.

Not too fancy, not too uppity! The sweetest priced flock you’ll ever see! It won’t bust the bank so hold on to your purse strings. Just a good ole botanical fern to tickle my fancy.

It jumps off the page in a layer of fronds. Velvety and soft to the touch just like days gone by. Not the old fashioned flock you would see in a western movie, but a fresh farmhouse appeal.

Not to my surprise, Ms. Joanna has used her signature gray color that honestly can match or coordinate with any color from brick red to sky blue. It’s going to work any where. You decide what room.

This pattern repeats every 20.5 inches. It actually mixes tiny button leaves with a realistic medium fern leaf. You can almost pick them off the page and create the perfect centerpiece for a special gathering of friends and family at your dining room table.

Available For Ordering HERE


Diamond Sketch Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 2: Diamond Sketch

Oh my gosh, string art for your walls! I can picture Joanna sitting down at Magnolia Farm under her big oak tree to sketch this paper.

This diamond in the rough could very well be a fan favorite. It’s cool vibe is far from the typical geometric pattern. I pick up on the edgy detail of a wiggly line versus straight line.

With friends at the kitchen table having those yummy cupcakes, this soft gray diamond adds a calm energy to your decor.

I can see a family portrait happily settled atop this geometric wallcovering. With only a 4 inch pattern, it showcases well.

Geometrics have taken our industry by storm. It is no exception this one will take top marks! Southern charm to the max oh yes.

Available For Ordering HERE


Olive Branch Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 3: Olive Branch

Lively as the family farm, this wallpaper is a farmhouse twist on a Tuscan theme. Let’s get healthy and use our olive oil like mama told us.

These olives are not defined so keeping them in the kitchen would be a shame! The soft detail of the leaves really makes me smile of sweet family outings.

Can’t you just imagine Joanna creatively mixing the colors with water from the pond to make this stunning design? Fresh green, like the ones you put on the kitchen table for dinner.

I got out my ruler to check the size and found the branches are about 6 to 11 inches, making it able to fit into any little nook or cranny.

Available For Ordering HERE


Common Thread Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 4: Common Thread

Let’s get up close and personal. This wall covering reminds me of the vintage loom my grandma used at the beginning of every piece of embroidered art. I could spend hours reminiscing about her favorite buffalo check curtains.

You’re gonna love the tiny thread details that look like cheese cloth. Anyone thinking freshly churned butter and milking cows before school?

Yes, down home goodness for your walls. It’s all American and and a great example of the hardworking people that Gaines’ can relate to.

The 5 by 5 inch squares of black thread come on a comforting bed of ivory. From LA to Waco, this pattern is the perfect invitation for your guest bedroom to have bragging rights.

Available For Ordering HERE


Tea Rose Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 5: Tea Rose

Okay my friend, you are absolutely going to love this pattern. Fresh picked from the Garden. I wonder if it’s a rose you can find at Magnolia Market.

This pattern is sure to put the romance in your decor. Don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings and kid around a bit like Chip and Joanna.

This dreamy traditional rose gets a casual update. It looks like fresh cut roses from the garden arranged as a centerpiece on a matte black cloth.

Perfectly monochromatic, this black, gray and beige rose has a realistic beauty. With solid black on the side, it makes me wonder if this will be a rosy stripe look.

Pretty as a bride on her wedding day. And just like a garden party. Both truly bring friends and family together.

This Joanna Gaines wallpaper design is sure to be a major hit this season.

Available For Ordering HERE


Wood Block Print Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 6: Wood Block Print

Your friends and neighbors are gonna go bonkers over this pattern. I wonder if Chip carved the decorative wood blocks in his own workshop to print this beauty?

Absolutely country chic and farmhouse fresh. This design looks like it was created by stamping wood blocks in a symmetrical pattern. I can kinda see the shape of a lemon or better yet the fancy outfit of the entertaining court jester.

The warm wheat color gives a sunny disposition to any room you can dream up. Vibrant, playful and fun, this pattern has it all: dots, stripes and solids.

This design stands alone as my #1 prediction of a great seller. Mark my word, I won’t be able to keep it on the shelves in my wallpaper store in Arlington, TX.

Available For Ordering HERE


Wildflower Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia HomePattern 7: Wildflower

Texas is famous for its wildflowers, so it’s no wonder Joanna chose to feature one in her new Magnolia Home II Wallpaper Book by York.

Could this possibly be Joanna’s favorite wildflower? What you see is what you get. The flower is identical throughout the design. Wispy and wonderful. Reminding me of the times my daughters brought me a handful of wildflowers.

Organic and fresh from the farm. Magnolia fans will be so excited to use this navy and white pattern. FYI, our industry predicts navy to be one of the hottest colors for years to come, no complaints here.

It’s so down to earth, Joanna just has to use this one on her HGTV hit Fixer Upper. There is a reason she and Chip are Texas Design and Remodeling Pros!

Plan for magical moments in every day life. Maybe give flowers a chance in your decor.

Available For Ordering HERE


Fox and Hare Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia HomePattern 8: Fox and Hare

Oh my strike up a conversation on this one. Imagine the Gaines children telling stories about catching rabbits and seeing foxes. Now Joanna Gaines wallpaper can bring their stories to life.

The deep country blue of this charming pattern is hard to describe or resist. This is a good one to grab a sample and see it up close.

It looks as though no expense was spared to print this one. The ink is raised and you can actually feel the texture with your hand.

Don’t be surprised when the children gather to play a game of “I Spy”. They can find: birds, acorns, berries, foxes, rabbits, trees, irises, oak leaves, tulips and more. Whoa that’s a mouth full!

This is a fascinating pattern of folklore. It’s tradition of old stories belong in your home. Relax by the fire and enjoy the company of those you love.

You can bet your boots this one will be admired by all.

Available For Ordering HERE


Woven Trellis Joanna Gaines wallpaper Magnolia Home Pattern 9: Woven Trellis

Massive bold pattern, and over the top handsome! This geometric is an attention getter. Believe me if this shows up on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, it will sell out lighting fast.

Totally the perfect shade of blue. This pattern reminds me of a printed version of a fine weave grasscloth or fabric because I can see the intricate stitches. You won’t believe this pattern is flat unless you touch it.

This fabulous design is sure to be a trend setter. The blue trellises is about one inch thick and over the top gorgeous.

A natural beauty just like Joanna. This is a perfectly tailored trellis to feature in your home. From coast to coast, from mountains to prairies. This pattern can work in most homes across the USA, modern or traditional.

I have to admit folks, this is my absolute favorite! I keep trying to decide which room I am going to put it in. Hmm. Entry? Check. Living room? Check. Bedroom? Check. Too many options, so little time.

Available For Ordering HERE

The success of Fixer Upper and Magnolia Market guarantees these patterns are going to be amazing. They will change your decor for the better, and I am excited to start selling them. Joanna Gaines wallpaper patterns are without a doubt the best selling wall-coverings we have ever had.

Keep in mind, I will be ordering a large amount of paper to stock in my store in Arlington, TX. As the largest wallpaper store in Texas, my design showroom, Leland’s Wallpaper is your go to place for all things wallpaper and design.

We have a HUGE selection! That’s right. Nearly 4,000 square foot showroom stocked full of hundreds of wallpaper patterns that you can leave with every day. Come see me soon and we can talk decorating.

I sincerely hope you enjoy each and every wallpaper pattern Joanna has thoughtfully designed with your home and family in mind.

Thank you and happy decorating!

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