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Anyone who has ever watched HGTV's Fixer Upper knows Jimmy Don Holmes is the popular metal sign art designer that makes appearances on the show.

Jimmy Don Holmes is Joanna Gaines' resource for inspirational quotes created in metal. If you have watched an episode or two of Fixer Upper on HGTV you have probably seen his amazing art work on the wall.

My husband, and I recently drove down to Waco, Texas to interview Jimmy Don Holmes for our Fixer Upper Podcast. He is definitely a good ole country guy that is quite welcoming and very easy to chat with.

If you have not listened to the Fixer Upper Podcast, you can find it at FixerUpperPodcast.com

It was really great to meet Jimmy Don, and interview him for the podcast. It was interesting to hear how he has such a passion for his work. He was so fun to chat with. I could of pulled up a rocking chair on his big porch and talked all day.

Life is Better on the Porch
Life is Better on the Porch

During the interview Jimmy Don announced that his wife Lori was coming out with a new line of her own metal art.

It was special that Jimmy Don broke the news about Lori's new designs on our podcast. I liked how proud he was of his wife's very first four signs.

After the interview we got to meet Lori Holmes, and she took the time to proudly show me some of her new designs, and tell me all about them.

She is using Jimmy Don's style, and taking it to the next level in her very own art studio where the magic happens.

Her new line of metal art is called Lori's Designs and it is fantastic. She has added color, dimension, and a new style to an already great collection of metal art.

Lori Holmes In Her Studio
Lori Holmes In Her Studio

You are going to fall in love with her great new collection. Lori showed us the first four pieces of her collection, and they are wonderful, and so creative.

I bet you will see some of Lori's art in a future episode of HGTV Fixer Upper. I will even bet you a dollar Joanna Gaines has already used one of Lori's Designs in an episode that is being filmed for season 5 of the HGTV Fixer Upper. What do you think? My fingers are crossed!

We wish Lori much luck with the new designs. I think they are beautiful and can't wait to see her future designs.

You can view their designs at
JDHirondesigns.com/product-category/home-decor/loris-line-home-decor Wow what a creative couple. I suspect their business will continue to grow.

Thanks to Lori for giving me the inside scoop about the release of her wonderful new collection It is my pleasure to break the news to our Fixer Upper fans, you are going to love it!


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