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Majorca Wallpaper Book Review

The Majorca Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Designs

“Express your personal style with a Mediterranean flair.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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Majorca Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Wallcoverings invites you to express your personal style in your home decor using a Mediterranean flair. Suede inks offer a soft feel to the designs just like a true suede fabric. Metallic inks brighten patterns when kissed by light, and pearlescent inks offer the softest of light reflection. Every wallpaper pattern from this collection is proudly made in the USA using paper from sustainable forests and water-based inks for a healthy indoor environment. Ibiza combines medallions with a denim like texture for a more rustic appeal. Ibiza Texture is like a sheet of brushed metal with bands of fabric in a horizontal orientation. Corsica involves a sleek brushed damask over a more rustic faux texture. Corsica Weave expresses bands of paint brushed in opposite directions to create a woven design. Corsica Ogee overlays a stylized ogee in metallic ink over smaller overall ogee background design. Corsica tiles are approximately 9 inch squares that alternate in a heavy faux texture with a brushed pearlescent finish. Sicily showcases a strong acanthus leaf ogee frame over a faux stucco ground that partially covers some delicate script. Sicily Stucco is an evenly mottled stucco style faux finish. Sicily Marble has a stuccoed appearance with large “veins” of solid color like marble. Cyprus constitutes a large scale watercolor floral on solid grounds of shimmering pearl ink for a beautiful contrast. Cyprus Faux is a simple troweled faux finish with a more refined texture. Cyprus Plank brings the modern yet rustic appeal of a wood plank, painted over with a watercolor style finish. Cyprus Abstract takes a soft stucco texture to new heights with a block style watercolor in a truly abstract modern art fashion. This entire collection of wallcoverings offer traditional, transitional and contemporary styles that easily coordinating for designs for your entire home decor.

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