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By Seabrook Designs

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Montage Wallpaper Book Review

The Montage Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Designs

“Edit and layer your home decor to look just like a movie set.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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Montage Wallpaper Book by Seabrook Wallcoverings pieces together traditional wall covering design elements with retro graphics and edits them with an on trend color palette. Proudly made in the USA, these wall coverings are printed on paper from sustainable forests using non-toxic water based inks, so you can decorate your home with a smaller carbon footprint. Raised inks offer definition and pearlescent inks shimmer in the light.

These contemporary patterns will inspire your home decor. Silverton expresses a painted grasscloth in a contemporary scroll design where the faux grasscloth shows through. Silverton Grass is a faux grasscloth with larger knots and fuller strands of grass. Silverton Scroll offers a soft, contemporary ironwork inspired pattern. Catamount Damask employs a horizontal ombre fade on a traditional damask design. Catamount Stria looks like layers of monochromatic color building to create a large vertical ombre stripe. Catamount Ogee uses the horizontal fade of an ikat to give definition to an arabesque shaped trellis.

The Telluride grouping offers a hint of old world with a modern, rustic approach. Telluride Texture gives the impression of a large sheet of metal with patina and crackled paint from wear. Telluride Damask is a unique wallcovering that has a rich faux textured background with realistic looking dimensional damask made of metal or plaster.

Eclectic styles and combinations are perfect for today's modern home. Pomerelle has a brushed diamond background with a large sketched damask. Pomerelle Ikat highlights the diamond shape in both outline and center. Marquette Texture has the realistic appeal of cork. Marquette prints a large medallion over a layer of faux cork. Eaglecrest creates a delicate vertical stripe using curling blades of grass in raised ink to add dimension. Eaglecrest Maze superimposes a small Greek Key inspired maze over a faux linen ground. Tamarak uses a distress, lined damask over a faux linen ground as a contemporary update. Tamarak Geo brings to life a row of triangular flags where the negative space hints at diamond shape.

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