The Rahaim House – Episode 17 Home Town Podcast – Season 2

Home Town Podcast Ep 17 The Rahaim House S2E6

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The Rahaim House, A House Too Big to Move?

This week Kathy and I discuss episode 6 of Season 2 titled “Move It or Lose It?” from the HGTV Show Home Town. This episode features Robyn and Cassidy Rahaim, a newly married couple and their five-year-old daughter Holly. The house, which was Robyn's family's original farm house, was built in 1938. The cost to move it is $15,000. If that can be done successfully (the big “if”), Robyn and Cassidy's $100,000 budget would leave around $85,000 for renovations.

Featured Vendors On This Episode:

Stay Tuned For Next Weeks Episode “Colorful Custom Cottage”

A local restaurant owner and grandmother is looking to buy a house and settle down. She chooses a cottage that Ben and Erin inject with her shining personality and adding very unique touches.

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