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Resource Wallpaper Book Review

The Resource Wallpaper Book by Brewster Home Fashions

“Combines the raw materials of an urban setting with the discerning eye and expertise of a traditional craftsman.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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Look through the eye of a discerning craftsman to see the appeal of raw materials to design modern, urban interiors with wallpaper. The Eijffinger Resource Wallpaper Book by Brewster Home Fashions offers marble, wood, metal and concrete finishes that emphasize natural beauty. For an industrial chic decor, leave exposed beams and mechanical along side comfortable furnishings and refined wall coverings.

Rustic materials like wood and stone lend exotic texture to your walls. Like vast sheets of marble straight from the quarry, Botticino Marble yields a beautiful and strong veined wall covering. Esmee Wood give a white washed appearance to the cracked and aged wood planks. Mancha Speckle is a wallpaper that exhibits the weathered patina of metal panels using a Mylar ink for depth and sheen.

Modern textures abound with soft finishes for your decor. Cumulus gives the appearance of a linen fabric painted with a soft, cloud like finish. Duo Texture layers a wide brushed metal beside a raised texture of course burlap or linen in a smooth meets rough fashion. Demi Abstract looks as though thin bands of cork in varying widths have been painted and offset to create a modern, abstract piece of art for your walls.

High quality earthy and organic wall coverings in coordinating palettes and styles are available in designer line of Eijffinger Resource Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings. These items come from Europe and have an average ship time of 2-3 weeks. Additional designs include a burlap, concrete and marble murals, faux stucco and a faux tree bark wallcovering.

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