Texturall 3
By Brewster Wallcoverings

Review Of The Texturall 3 Wallpaper Book

Texturall 3 Wallpaper Book Review

The Texturall 3 Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings

“High performance classic and timeless textures for home or office.” If you are looking for a wallpaper pattern from this collection, please contact our showroom.

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Durable fabric backed vinyl for residential and commercial applications comes in the nice, neat package of Texturall 3 Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings. Distributed under the Warner brand, this collection is available in both 27 and 54 inch widths. The 27 inch widths are listed on the website for sale and come packaged in double roll bolts only. 54 inch goods come on 30 yard bolts, and stock and price can be checked through the showroom.

Alan Horizontal Slub is refined faux grasscloth with small slubs where pearlescent or contrasting inks provide the coarse detail. Bring the fine detail of a faxu raw silk wallpaer to your walls using textured and pearlescent inks on Fernie Challis Silk. Jayne Vertical Shimmer employs a thin stria with metallic and pearlescent inks to give a striking menswear appeal.

Barie Vertical Tile creates a faux silk tile using an ombre effect across the thin stria for a contemporary layered, almost bar code look. A simple faux finish, Carlie Bloth is a wall covering that yields a subtle overall texture perfect for walls where art and draperies need to take center stage. The loose weave of Jonus Faux Grasscloth gives an organic, earthy texture to walls with its rustic details confirmed in contrasting colors.

Texturall 3 Wallpaper Book by Brewster Wallcoverings are sure to be the perfect background texture in your home office, half bath, kitchen, utility room, bedrooms and more. Ceilings and alcoves get an upgrade when you use wallpaper. Having a Class A fire rating, you can use these versatile designs in a salon, doctors office, retail store or restaurant.

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