Trip To Laurel, MS – Episode 11 Home Town Podcast – Season 1

Home Town Podcast Ep 11 Trip To Laurel Mississippi S1E11

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Our Trip To Laurel, MS for the Season Finale

This week is our last episode for season 1, but it is a very special episode! Kathy & I traveled to Laurel Mississippi from Arlington, TX for the season finale of Home Town. This episode we share our trip and all the sites and shops to visit while in this lovely small town.

Not only did we have the chance to attend the showing of the season finale at the town theatre, we met with the stars of the show Ben & Erin Napier. Listen in as we talk about our experience and the fun we had while staying in town.

Amber Hayes Singing “My Hometown” feat. Erin Napier

My Hometown Single by Amber Hayes

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Stay tuned, the unofficial Home Town podcast will be back to follow Season 2 of the new HGTV Show “Home Town” with Ben & Erin Napier.

Featured Vendors On This Episode:

The unofficial Home town podcast is following the hit HGTV Show “Home Town” with Ben & Erin Napier. We not affiliated with HGTV, The Home Town TV Show, or Ben and Erin Napier.

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